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Jake Walker Prints

Jake Walker Prints

Despite the global shutdown on travel this year, I managed to make it to one of the islands off the coast of Greece; Corfu. I’ve always loved Greece, and I had some images in mind before I even left: highlighting the lifestyle, architecture and the best sunset skies the world has to offer (fact).

I knew the camera I needed to bring to make this work happen, though I wasn’t too keen on the thought of lugging it around with me the whole time - my Mamiya RB67. Those of you who’ve owned this camera will understand my pain, It’s a wonderful but very heavy piece of kit! Still I packed it in my bag, carried it everywhere I went, and of course it ended up being worth it.

I came back with bundles of film for the Liam and Joe at Take It Easy to process and scan - and between us decided to team up with The PrintSpace and release a few prints as a limited series! I’ve selected 4 of my favourites from the trip, all taken on the Mamiya and printed at 10x12 - a size I felt best displayed the detail in the images. 

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