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Our most frequently asked questions.

Got a film development question?  Want to know more information? Take a look at some of our more frequently asked questions. If your question isn't here, just drop us a line!

What are your opening times?

Our lab is open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm. You can drop your orders through our letterbox 24/7 though.

How do I send in my film?

After placing your order, simply package up your film/s in a secure padded envelope along with your name and order number.

From there you can either post us your films, or drop them through our letterbox at:

Take It Easy Film Lab
Aire Street Workshops
30-34 Aire Street

Please note, this is very important!

When sending films to us in the post, please make sure to include the correct amount of postage on your parcel.

  • Most film parcels will need to be taken to the post office and need to go as a large letter or small parcel
  • A single first class stamp will not suffice!

If there is not enough postage on your parcel, it goes to Royal Mail, and we receive a notice to pay for the additional postage, resulting in a delay for your order. 

No one wants that!

Do you do prints?

No. We are trying to be as economical as possible in our running of the lab and we don’t feel prints sit with our ethos. Our scans however are all suited for prints, even our low res scans are perfect for getting 6x4 prints elsewhere!

Can you push my film?

Yes we can. We can push your colour and black and white film up to 2 stops. For colour films being pushed, these are done at the end of the day due to us having to change settings on the developer, so there may be an additional short delay. No extra cost though.

What are your turnaround times?

Our turnaround is usually within 24-48 hours of receipt of your order, but during busier periods and depending on your service, our turnaround times are:

Colour film developing - 3-4 days
Black and white developing - 5-6 days

Friday is the day that Aire street darkroom process your black and white films, and the scans are usually done the following Monday or Tuesday.

What are your prices?

Our price list can be found here

How do I get my scans and negatives back?

Once we have processed your order, we use the email address you supplied with us on your order form to send the files via Dropbox. Make sure you check your spam folder too!

At checkout you have the option to receive your negatives back via post or you can collect them from our lab (currently unavailable due to lockdown)

How long does it take to get my negatives back / merch?

Due to the volume of post going out, we do this in batches, sending post out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Mail usually arrives within two days.

Do you offer a free shipping option?

We have free shipping for all orders over £20 to the UK.

What Developer & Scanner do you use?

We develop your films using a Noritsu V30.

We scan your films using a Fuji Frontier SP-3000, a top of the range piece of kit that delivers superb quality scans! We have masks to enable us to scan 35mm, and for 120 we can scan 6x4.5, 6x6 and 6x7.

Do you develop Black and white film?

We do! We have teamed up with our lab neighbours Aire Street Darkrooms to provide a black and white film developing service. All film that arrives with us will be developed by the guys at the darkroom on Fridays and given to us to scan come Monday.

If you want the quickest black and white service please ensure your films are with us by Thursday at the latest!

What happens if my film is blank?

Let’s really hope this never happens! But in the unfortunate case that it does, don’t worry, we’d never make you pay for this. We will happily refund the order if the order was for a colour film.

As our black and whites are developed by a third party by hand, unfortunately we can’t refund blank black and white films.

What is the difference between your scan sizes?

Our scan size options have something for everyone.

Low Res | 1235 pixels on the shortest side. Approx 500kb file size. 
Perfect for instagram or for getting 6x4 prints.

Medium Res | 2433 pixels on the shortest side. Approx 2mb file size. 
Perfect for getting 8x12 prints (up to A4)

High Res JPG | 3648 pixels on the shortest side. JPG files approx 6mb+ file size.
High Res BMP | 3648 pixels on the shortest side. BMP files approx 40-50mb file size. Perfect for blowing up to A3 print size.

How long are my Dropbox files stored for?

Once your files are delivered via Dropbox, we shall keep your files stored online for 3 months. After 3 months if you decide you want the files re-sending just drop us a line, we’d be more than happy to help you out.


One of the things we want to do by running this film lab is building up a community of passionate film photographers. We’re in a great position to build this in the fact that we have the capabilities to see so many images go through our scanners!

If we see a photo of yours when developing your negatives, we will get in touch and see if you’d be interested in having the image featured on our socials, and if you agree and want to do any post editing work on the file just send the file over once you’ve done any work on the image.

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