Current film developing turnaround - Colour: 4-5 working days B&W: 5-6 working days

Our most frequently asked questions.

What are your opening times?

Our lab is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. You can drop your orders through our letterbox 24/7 though.

Do you send us our negatives back?

Always! Unless you don't want them, just let us know and we can get rid of them for you.

Do you develop E6/Slide film?

Sadly not, well not yet anyway! 

How do I send in my order?

After placing your order, simply package up your film/s in a secure padded envelope along with your name and order number.
You can simply write your order on a piece of paper and include it in your parcel.

Depending on the service you have picked...

For Film Developing:

Take It Easy Film Lab
Aire Street Workshops
30-34 Aire Street

Do you do prints?

We do! We can print your photos in 6x4 format, perfect for sticking to your walls or archiving in a photo album.

We also do bespoke hand printing at our Nottingham lab which can be found here

Can you push my film?

Yes we can. We can push your colour and black and white film up to 2 stops for no additional cost. Colour films are pushed at the end of the day due to us having to change settings on the developer, so there may be an additional short delay. 

What are your turnaround times?

Our turnaround is usually within 3-4 days of receipt of your order, for the professional services orders this can be between 5-7 working days. During busier periods and depending on your service, our turnaround times can be found here

How long does it take to get my negatives / merch?

We aim to post back your negatives, prints, or merch as soon as possible. Mail usually arrives within two to three days of receiving your dispatch email, depending on the shipping option chosen at checkout.

If your order includes merch as well as film developing, this will be sent out with your negatives.

Do you offer free shipping?

We have free shipping for all orders over £25 to the UK for merch and film developing options. 

What equipment do you use?

In the Leeds lab we develop your films using a Noritsu V50.
We scan your films using our three top spec 
Noritsu HS-1800 scanners.

In the Nottingham lab (Professional Services) we develop C41 with our dip and dunk processor, and scans are done on the Fuji Lanovia.

What if my film is blank?

We hope this never happens, but in the unfortunate case that it does, we happily refund the cost of your order minus the cost of developing. 

How long are my Physical / Dropbox files stored for?

Once your files are delivered via Dropbox, we keep your files stored online for three months. After three months these files are deleted, so make you sure move all folders out of our dropbox onto your own HD or storage!

We store physical orders / negatives at the lab for three months. These orders can be collected during weekdays while we are open. After three months these physical items will be destroyed in a GDPR compliant manner.

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