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About our partner, The Photo Parlour

The Photo Parlour is a professional film processing lab and community darkroom based in Nottingham.

It was founded in 2013 by photographer, teacher and darkroom printer Dan Wheeler, to provide rare facilities and opportunities to photographers in the Midlands.

It is now ran by Dan along with photographer Nick Fisher and film maker Joe Wheatley.

Since its humble beginnings as a community darkroom, The Photo Parlour has become renowned for its workshops, high quality processing and hand printing services.

It has also become a home to a family of film photographers who regularly make work, share ideas and support one another through exhibitions and social events.

The Photo Parlour’s aim is to keep traditional photography and its processes alive by offering equipment, facilities and education. These are becoming increasingly rare, expensive and sought after.

We want to make them more accessible to all types of photographers regardless of their background or ability.

How the Photo Parlour started

The original Photo Parlour started in April 2013 in Derby, where Dan took on a small space above a friend’s tattoo studio and built a black and white darkroom along with a photo studio, a teaching space and a gallery. In the 2 years that he occupied this space Dan began to run workshops and built a community as well as developed a reputation as an educator and a photographer.

During this time he became friends with renowned photographer and educator John Blakemore and they began to run workshops in black and white printing and hand made book making together.

This period transformed Dan’s attitude towards photography and teaching. This is an approach he aspires to pass on to everyone that comes to The Photo Parlour, whether that be to learn to use the darkroom or to drop off a roll of film.

Two years later Dan expanded and moved the facilities to Nottingham, taking over a lab that had been a testing house for AGFA and an award winning Fuji processing lab for 20 years.

Along with a larger space came professional facilities that expanded the services that the Photo Parlour was able to offer. This includes professional film processing, and both colour and black and white hand prints. Over the years amateurs and professionals alike have been taking part in numerous workshops, regular social events and continue to use the facilities.

Dan set up the space in the belief that photography can inspire social change and as such, helped establish “Nottingham Centre for Photography and Social Engagement”.This Community Interest Company operates using The Photo Parlour as a base and provides creative support to community groups as well as free mentorship to young photographers who don’t necessarily have the means to access formal education. It also runs a bi-annual photography festival called “Off-Centre” which is free to enter and it also provides free education during its duration. All selected artists have their work printed free of charge and are given the opportunity to keep their prints as a portfolio after the festival ends.

We are now excited to be collaborating with Take It Easy to provide our services to a wider audience and to work with a truly passionate and inspiring team of people!

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