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Take It Easy x Benjamin Craven

 A collaborative wall mural competition

Take It Easy Lab have teamed together with fellow Aire Street neighbour and designer Benjamin Craven to bring you a competition to see one of your photographs painted as a mural on our huge lab wall!

We’re big fans of Ben’s work here at the lab so you can imagine how excited we are to see what he comes up with.

Ben’s work is purely abstract so please note that this mural would be an interpretation of your photo in his own style

Want to enter but haven't used us before? No problem, just get your film in to us before the end of the competition to be in with a chance!

The wall...

This is the wall in question, it doesn't look like much right now, but wait until Ben gets his hands on it.

The wall sits at the far end of our lab and is right next to the front door, so is the first thing someone sees when they enter the lab.

Think of allll them eyes on it!

Benjamin Craven's work

Benjamin Craven's work is bold, abstract and colourful, which is why we're so excited to collaborate with him.

The winning photograph will be interpreted by Ben and painted in a similar style to the work below, but to see more of his awesome work, take a look at his instagram here

What you could win

3rd Prize

The third prize in no way feels like a third prize! One third prize winner gets:

- 3 x High Res film developing.

The 3 films can be sent at separate times throughout the year.

2nd Prize

One second prize winner gets:

-  3 x High Res film developing


- 1 x Don't be negative tee in your size
- 1 x Benjamin Craven signed A3 print
- 1 x Take It Easy embroidered Patch

1st Prize

The first prize is  all previous prizes plus your photograph painted on our lab wall by Benjamin Craven in his unique style!

This piece will be an interpretation of your photograph so may look different / more abstract to the real thing!

Once finished, we will get you down to the lab to see!

How to enter

We're going to keep the competition as simple as we can, but here are a few rules to follow in order to make sure you're in chance with winning!

  • Follow both @benjamincraven_ and @takeiteasylab on Instagram
  • Your image must have been developed by Take It Easy Lab, either in the past or during the competition!
  • The image must be Landscape proportion, colour or b&w is fine!
  • Choose something you think would work well in Ben's style. ie simplicity obviously works best.
  • Drop the link of your chosen image in the form. Link to your instagram image / website page / your dropbox folder and image. Please note - We won't be able to see instagram links if your profile is set to private

Good luck!

Want to enter but haven't used us before?
No problem, just get your film in to us before the end of the competition to be in with a chance!

This competition ends on January 31st at Midnight.
Winner announced by email during the first week of February.
The entrant owns all property to the photograph, and will not be shared externally unless agreed to.

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