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Doing our bit, however we can.

From our experience of working in film labs in the past we knew how much waste comes from film processing. We wanted to be as sustainable as we could in our lab.

Our chemical waste is removed and recovered by a professional waste company, that recover the silver content in the chemical waste, that can then be used in silver jewellery / cutlery etc!

Film waste = Money for charity

We keep all of the metal film canisters that come from processing your film, selling them to customers who can use them to reload cameras or make little plant holders from!

We also sell boxes of the clear plastic containers that are perfect for crafting, keeping little objects in such as buttons, ink etc.

All of the money from these sales goes to MAP, a Leeds based charity that is an alternative education provider working with young people who are unable to access the mainstream school system.

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Your local indie film lab

Take It Easy Lab is a mail order film processing lab ran by a team of 8 friends who have a passion for film and have been involved in the photography community for over 15 years.

About us

Friendly and approachable

We’re passionate about supporting photographers - big and small - and know what it means to have a lab you can trust and rely on.

Take It Easy is a group of like-minded friends that know how nice it is to be treated like a real human, that's why we pride ourselves on customer communication.

Develop your film

How we process your films

At our Leeds based lab we offer film developing, scanning and printing of Colour and Black & White film types. We develop, scan and print from both 35mm and 120 film.

We run on top of the range machinery, with three Noritsu Hs1800 scanners.

We print our 6x4's out on the DNP series printers.

Once your films are developed and scanned, we transfer your files via Dropbox and send over your link!

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What our customers had to say...

I’m so glad I discovered Take It Easy! I received my scans super quickly, and I’m so happy with the photos. I love how Take It Easy keep you updated through the whole process, from when you book your order, to when they receive your films, to when they post your negatives, so you can relax and know your film is in safe hands.

Wonderful wonderful service, there is nowhere I’d rather go than Take it Easy. They literally make it so easy for you and they are brilliant. I have had to message a couple times for a request and they have been quick to respond and been accommodating for me. So grateful to them.

Beautiful scans at such an affordable price. Will be recommending to anyone who needs such services. Really happy to have this lab so local.

First time user of this lab , they provided a fast turnaround of developing and scanning negatives, very responsive to messages, excellent value and service. I would highly recommend these guys, first class.

Absolutely cracking service, efficient and professional, never seen my negatives looking as crisp and sharp. Would highly recommend, will be using this lab from now on for all my scanning and developing.

Very quick turnaround and very helpful staff too, developing film can be a bit expensive so I'd rather give it to trustworthy people, highly recommend.

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